Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Carriers

Babies love to be held. They want to be close to their mommies and daddies. And it sure is hard to get any work done around the house why holding a sweet little baby. And alot of babies do not like their carseats so pushing them around in a stroller is not ideal. Thats why it's important to have a good baby carrier.

Before I take the time to describe a few good carriers I wanted to point out some important things to know. One of the main things is the hips should be supported. Below is an image I found on the internet showing the difference the wrong carrier can have on your baby's hips.
Another important thing to know when buying a carrier is to never have the baby facing outward.  I know you are probably thinking "babies love to look out". But Dr. Evelin Kirkilionis, "Infants in outward-facing orientations can’t turn away from surrounding stimuli. They can't turn inward toward a parent's body if stimuli become overwhelming. In this position the baby cannot make eye contact with his or her parent to evaluate facial expressions, social cues, and so forth to make assessment of the situation. Only choose a baby carrier that allows your child to face you ... never out. There are too many events going on around your baby. A baby has no way to exclude himself from the environment by turning his head away and towards you. Healthy sleep is difficult for a baby who is facing outward." From, A Baby Wants To Be Carried by Dr. Eveline Kirkilionis, (a human development specialist who has researched babywearing since 1985).

While doing research on this topic I came across They say to remember T.I.C.K.S. when you are wearing a baby sling or carrier.

I-In View at all times
C-Close enough to kiss
K-Keep chin off chest
S-Supported Back

 One good type of baby wearing device is the Moby wrap.  You can find these at BabiesRus.  They offer the hip support and allow your baby to be close to you.  You can also make your own.  My friend makes them and sells them with all different types of fabrics and can customize them for you. Also you can breast feed in a moby wrap! According to their website they can hold up to 35 lbs.  The only downside to this carrier is they can be complicated to put on at first. But once you the hang of it, its easy. Below is an image of my friend Stehanie in her Moby. 

Now the main type of carrier I use and absoultely love is the ergo carrier. It can be found at BabiesRus, and Target and other stores as well. I love this carrier because you can use it from birth (with the infant insert) up until they recommend 40 lbs but has been tested up to, get this, 90 LBS.  You can wear them on the front of you, on your hip or your back when they are atleast 6 months.  I love this carrier because of many things. One being men dont mind wearing the ergo.  Another being the hood that comes attached to it. It can protect them from the sun or wind.  Also you can breastfeed in the ergo carrier as well. This carrier evenly distributed the baby's weight evenly on you.  I used this at Wal-Mart the other day and I had both arms to do as I pleased and I didnt have to worry about the cart.  Plus Harper doesnt really enjoy her carseat sometimes.  I also walk at the park  with my ergo carrier on.  Baby and mommy are both happy with it. And plan to use it alot more. Below is a picture of celebrity Selma Blair with her ergo carrier. And one of me trying on my ergo before the Rascal Flatts concert to make sure I could work it (I had gotten it in the day before). Mine has the infant insert that I will use in mine until Harper is around 5 months. 

Their are other types of baby wearing devices from adjustable slings, to ring slings to Mei Tai Slings and so on. I have an adjustable sling but I'm not very good at getting her positioned in yet. Just do your research before buying one and make sure you are getting whats best for not only baby but for mommy and daddy too.

To end I want to give you 10 reasons I found on the internet to wear your baby.
1. Its Convient.
2. It promotes physical development
3. Babies worn are happier
4. Its healthier for you (exercise for momma)
5. Toddlers appreciate the security
6. Helps momma and baby communicate
7. Baby wearing is a bonding tool for the whole family
8. Its a safe place for baby to be
9. Slings and Carriers can be economical if you use often
10. Baby wearing is FUN!

Yours in Christ,
Little Mommy

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